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How to prepare medically before any disaster

Health Concerns After Flood

Dedicated service of Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari in a period or peril

By, P. Eaddy

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey unveiled what could best be described as one of the most violent aggressions of Mother Nature. The atmosphere still retained its treacherous and volatile demeanor as the awry skies threatened with thundering blasts. Ruthless winds hovered around us creating an inescapable feeling of imminent danger and despair. I signed up with the volunteer force of SEWA International in Houston where we were mobilized with the unwavering determination to save victims of hurricane Harvey.

Our motivation to save lives was unshakable as we began dogged operations on the field. Little did we know at the time that our very lives in grave danger.  An unexpected call came in from the command center requesting that we immediately view brief footages on possible health complications and preventive measures. The four videos extensively covered health measures that must be implemented before, during and after operations to ensure optimal safety.  It turned out that the input of footages and various instructors went a long way in protecting volunteers and rescued victims.

Looking back at this awry time, it is clear to see that the contributions of Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari of I and My Doctors Clinic was very instrumental in guaranteeing the safety of volunteers as well as protecting the lives of saved victims. Dr. Chaudhari was the mastermind behind the helpful footages and training. Not only this, she kept her clinic open as a free service for flood affected people who were looking for a free clinic near me, cheap doctors near me, cheap doctor visit, cheap clinics near me. She demonstrated incredible courage and selflessness in very dark times. Her active involvement in treating volunteers and victims who were critically injured led her to offer her personal hospital to a haven for victims. She offered dedicated service to a community in a period of peril and for that she is my inspiration.

Enjoy the following videos of Dr. Chaudhari.     

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