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Occupational Medicine: Maintaining good health and applying healthy practices in the workplace is very essential to organizational productivity and Occupational Medicine is the sure means of achieving this. At our clinic, our occupational medicine physician; Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari is a capable physician with a wide knowledge of clinical medicine and with his rich experience will ensures that the best occupational medicine services and safety is achieved and maintained in the workplace. Our clinic covers a wide range of practices – centering on preventive medicine and the management of workplace injuries, illnesses and disability.


  • Travel Medicine and Vaccination: Before embarking on a personal or business travel out of the country, a comprehensive health assessment should be carried out. Travel medicine sees to that. This is done to accurately evaluate itinerary-, and destination-specific risks. Advise on how to manage the risks are also give and the proper vaccination will be given to the traveler in line with his or her medical/immunization history and the amount of travel time available. Some of the vaccinations includes:
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: Yellow fever is a viral infection which can be seen in some parts of Africa and South America, its vaccination provides protection against it. After the vaccination, it takes 10 days for people to develop immunity against it and for some, up to one month and that might be all for a lifetime.
  • Typhoid vaccination: This vaccination is given to provide protection against typhoid. It is given at least 2 weeks before travel and when someone is always at the risk of typhoid, a booster dose is given every 2 years.
  • Hepatitis A vaccination: This is to provide protection against hepatitis A, it is best given 6 months before the travel time and 2 doses of the vaccine will provide a lasting protection.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination: This vaccine provides protection against hepatitis B. it is recommended for infants at birth, people who are up to 18 years of age, adults living with diabetes, and people who are at high risk of infections because of their type of jobs, living statuses, situation of their country of birth and lifestyle.
  • Cholera vaccination: This vaccine provides protection against cholera. It is best given 6 months before travel and repeated every 2 years because it provides about 85% protection against within the first six months of taking the vaccine, within a year, it goes down to about 62 to 50% protection and after two years, its efficacy will be less than 50%.
  • TD vaccination: This vaccine is best give every 10 years because its efficacy actually lasts for more than 10 years. The vaccine is an immunization against tetanus.
  • Malarone & Mefloquine: This provides protection against malaria. It serves as both a preventive pill and a treatment pill.
  • Compressive Industrial/Occupational Physical Examination

The physical exam is an essential part of overall health and well being of an individuals. This is conducted by a physician that covers physical history, vital signs, heart, lung, vision, head and neck, abdominal, neurological, dermatological, and extremities exams. The industrial or occupational exam is beyond this routine physical exam. It requires additional set of skills by a physician and more tests are done. Our occupational medicine physician— Dr. Chaudhari is well-versed in this. In additional to the routine, the following items are added as per industries’ requirements.

  • Drug Test Collection
  • Drug Test 10 Panel
  • Instant Drug Screen (5 Panel)
  • Instant Drug Screen (10 Panel)
  • Breath Alcohol
  • Hair Follicle Collection
  • Hair Follicle Complete Test
  • Audiogram: This is a process of dictating the hearing ability of an individual. This exercise is carried out using a special tuning fork which is tapped and held on the air, at the two sides of the ear. It is also places on the mastoid bone (the bone behind the ear) during this exercise. This assessment helps to determine ones hearing condition and it will be added to our services very soon.
  • Pulmonary Test/ Spirometry: Pulmonary function tests (PFT) are used to determine the functionality of the lungs. It is a noninvasive test which measures the lungs volume, rate of flow, gas exchange and capacity. In the case lungs dysfunction, this test helps your healthcare provider to determine the type of dysfunction and the appropriate treatment for it.
  • Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT): This is a test for colon cancer. This two types of FIT tests (qualitative and quantitative) will be added to our services soon.

How Pandemic Can Affect Children & Does Age Matters ?

How to prepare medically before any disaster

Health Concerns After Flood

Psychological Issues After Natural Disasters

Skin Problems After Flood

Dedicated service of Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari in a period or peril

By, P. Eaddy

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey unveiled what could best be described as one of the most violent aggressions of Mother Nature. The atmosphere still retained its treacherous and volatile demeanor as the awry skies threatened with thundering blasts. Ruthless winds hovered around us creating an inescapable feeling of imminent danger and despair. I signed up with the volunteer force of SEWA International in Houston where we were mobilized with the unwavering determination to save victims of hurricane Harvey.

Our motivation to save lives was unshakable as we began dogged operations on the field. Little did we know at the time that our very lives in grave danger.  An unexpected call came in from the command center requesting that we immediately view brief footages on possible health complications and preventive measures. The four videos extensively covered health measures that must be implemented before, during and after operations to ensure optimal safety.  It turned out that the input of footages and various instructors went a long way in protecting volunteers and rescued victims.

Looking back at this awry time, it is clear to see that the contributions of Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari of I and My Doctors Clinic was very instrumental in guaranteeing the safety of volunteers as well as protecting the lives of saved victims. Dr. Chaudhari was the mastermind behind the helpful footages and training. Not only this, she kept her clinic open as a free service for flood affected people who were looking for a free clinic near me, cheap doctors near me, cheap doctor visit, cheap clinics near me, best doctors near me. She demonstrated incredible courage and selflessness in very dark times. Her active involvement in treating volunteers and victims who were critically injured led her to offer her personal hospital to a haven for victims. She offered dedicated service to a community in a period of peril and for that she is my inspiration.


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