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 How I selected my primary care physician?

by D.L.Debrakutt

It is our culture and routine to have a constant health check-up and to this effect comes the need for a primary care physician (medical doctor). Primary care physician (PCP) generally refer to a professional in health care who practice general medicine, he or she is there to provide your health care needs and maybe refer you to a specialist if need be. Many cities has its own challenges in getting a good primary care physician and Pearland in not out of the list.

Are you looking for a  family doctor ? or searching for “nearest doctors to me” or “dr near me”. Get a primary care physician in Pearland, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, and the entire Houston (whether you are getting the medical doctor or primary care physician for the first time or you are changing because of you insurance or you just wish to have a change “for change sake”) is never an easy task. However, a lot of times has to be put into consideration when choosing your primary care physician – and one of those things is “IN-NETWORK”: choosing a physician who is in the “in-network” as per insurance will definitely save you a lot of money because they accept your insurance plan. Another point is REFERRALS: what others has experienced has a roll to play in your selection of your primary care physician because if he or she is not good, people won’t recommend him or her for others. Also, people tends to feel relaxed and confident with a “physician” or “medical drs” or ” family doctor ” who was recommended to them by either a family member, friends or associates.

I went one step ahead when I choose Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari as my primary care physician. I ensured  and you also ensure that your medical doctor or primary care physician:

  • Helps you to stay healthy by recommending preventive care services.
  • Treat almost all issues;
  • Refer you to a specialist when you needed.
  • Can help you to reduce your healthcare cost; and
  • Can represent you at the specialist and helps to make best treatment choices.

Now what will you say to a physician who will provide you with all this benefits and always make sure you stay healthy and happy? Yes, there is a physician very close to you who can provide all this benefits – she is Dr. Chaudhari for sure. Not only this, Dr. Chaudhari works with you as a team, so you can get the better health care he also treats you with respect, Spends enough time with you and your family, Listens to you patiently, Gives answers to all your questions, and Explains medical terminology and your healthy issues in ways you understand.

I suggest you to make a smart move by Contacting I and My Doctors Clinic on 281 303 5678 to select Dr. Chaudhari as your primary care physician.

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