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Your mental health is an important part. If you're experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, or a more complex diagnosis, we have the resources and unique programs to help.

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My Fitness at Work Restored!

by M. Vishwa

Missouri City was founded on the route of the first railroad in Texas—the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway—which began operating in August 1853. Today Missouri City is called a city of radio towers, as the communication towers of Senior Radio, KRIV, KHOU, KTRK-TV, Houston Tower Joint Venture, KPRC, American, Richland, and Blue Ridge are situated in Missouri City.

I suffered a dislocation one time that affected my overall working fitness. I felt that I was more like a liability for the my employer since I was just lingering around.

My left leg bone was totally weak. I couldn’t walk or lift any load without someone noticing that I was battling with great discomfort. Many of my colleague asked  me not coming to work until I recovered. During this time I visited many physiotherapists but all told the same story at end of my treatment.

I was looking for “Family Physician.” Finally, a friend recommended me to go to I and My Doctors Clinic—a healthcare clinic in Sugar Land where I got to meet the secret physician behind the magical clinic. She is Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari, a first-class graduate of the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana program in Missoula, Montana, and who is currently the family physician at I and My Doctors Clinic. This clinic is like an urgent care clinic where you can see the doctor without any wait. I would not mind it calling a minute clinic as well.

I noticed a lot of improvement during my first week of intensive care at this healthcare clinic. I came to realize that I and My Doctors Clinic that is also a doctors clinic near me has been saving lives of people like me due to its quality service rendered by Dr. Harshidaben Chaudhari, making her minute clinic the most progressive family healthcare facility in Sugar Land and South west Houston area.

Now I’m fully back at work for two months without any sign of weakness or weariness.

If you have not visited I and My Doctors Clinic yet, I highly suggest to visit.

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