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Children are common victims of animal bites. Common types of  bites by animals are dog bites, cat bites, rodent bites, human bites and others by squirrel, rabbits or guinea pigs. Dog bites are the most common. Adults and children who are bitten by an animal should inform the local health department. Pets are usually immunized but it is important to know their immunization status if bitten by an unknown animal.

Animal bites can cause broken skin, bleeding, broken bones, and puncture wounds. It can cause burning, itching and swelling at the bitten area. Elderly people and young children with diabetes, liver disease, cancer, HIV infection or weak immune systems who are bitten by animals are at a high risk for complications. Immediate medical treatment is a must in these cases.

Animal bites are treated by cleaning and dressing the wound, antibiotics, tetanus and rabies immunizations and stitches.
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