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Clinic Policies

Scheduling an Appointment:

All patients are asked to schedule an appointment to receive medical care and for prescriptions. We request that you call in advance to reserve a designated time for you. We realize that your time is valuable, and we make every effort to honor all time commitments. Please call 281 303 5678 to schedule your appointment.

Appointment Cancellations:

In order to be respectful of the medical needs of other patients, please be courteous and call the office at least 24 hours in advance for cancellations. Appointments not canceled within the required timeframe will be subject to a $25 fee, which will be collected prior to scheduling your next appointment. Appointments are in high demand, and your early cancellation will give another person the opportunity to have access to timely care. To Cancel Your Appointment After Hours, Please leave message on 281 303 5678.

No Show Policy:

A “no-show” is a missed appointment, or an appointment not canceled within the above mentioned time frame. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled appointment, that is also considered a “no-show”. More than 3 no-shows within a year will result in the patient being put on a walk-in basis.

Workers Compensation:

We are not contracted to treat work-related injuries.

Charges and Insurance Payments

Harshida J Chaudhari MD PA—I and My Doctors Clinic serves traditionally insured patients, private pay, and a wide variety of insurance plans, such as HMOs, PPOs, and managed care plans. Copayment and/or deductible amounts are collected at the time of service. Please bring your insurance card to each visit. For our uninsured patients, you will be asked to pay for all medical services upon registration. Your insurance company gives us “general guidelines” for your insurance coverage when we call to verify. This information is not a guarantee that services will be covered. If you have a question on your insurance benefits, please contact your insurance company.

Moreover, Harshida J Chaudhari MD PA—I and My Doctors Clinic cannot verify your insurance benefits for lab services, x-rays, ultra sounds or other services not performed in our premises. Contact your insurance company or a service provider to know the benefits covered by your insurance company.

All patients must have a valid photo ID in order to be treated.

Lab Results

Lab results can take up to 14 business days. It is possible that you will be asked to schedule an office visit to discuss your results with your doctor, or a nurse practitioner.  To ensure a quality care of our patients, a doctor’s visit is the must for all abnormal lab or other test results.

Harshida J Chaudhari MD PA—I and My Doctors Clinic does not mail any normal lab results or test reports. A patient has to collect them upon his/her next visit.

Prescription  Refills & Controlled Medications

To ensure a responsible care of our patients, we do not give a prescription for more than three months. For regular prescription, a three month follow up visit is required. Please allow 48-72 hours for refills during normal business hours. If you do not have refills available, an appointment will be necessary. When applicable, a $25 fee will be charged for prior authorizations on prescriptions. Controlled medications are monitored and tracked by the DEA and the DPS. As such, any refills will require an office visit. If a prescription has expired, been lost, destroyed, or stolen, an office visit is required, and a $10 re-write fee will be charged.

Plan in advance to get any refill as per the above policies. Do not wait until Friday evening or weekend.


There are charges ranging from $25 and up (depending on the complexity of the form) for Wellness, Return to Work Authorization, and Physical Forms, Letters and/or Medical Records. Some forms may require an appointment. Medical Records Releases must be signed by you or your legally authorized representative.

Hospital Patients

Unfortunately, we no longer make hospital rounds. We have affiliations with hospital groups to manage the inpatient care of our patients.


Plan ahead. All patients needing referrals to specialists need to schedule an office visit to have this done. Contrary to what your insurance company may have told you, referrals do take time to process. We require at least 48-72 hours to process your referral request. In addition, please allow 7-10 business days for the referral(s) to be approved by your insurance company. Once the referral is approved you will be notified by our office. Please allow a minimum of two weeks before calling to check the status of referrals. We will not process retroactive or out-of-network referrals.

Only one referral per specialty is free. Any subsequent referral for the same specialty, a patient has to pay $25.

For a timely care, ensure that you do enough research about a doctor you choose for your referral. Also, give a call to your insurance company to ensure that your chosen doctor is in network.

It is a responsibility of a patient to make an appointment of the specialist. Harshida J Chaudhari MD PA—I and My Doctors Clinic does not make any appointment on behalf of a patient.

Do not give a call to our office after office-hours or over the weekend for any referral updates.

After Hours Care

Please call 911 or proceed to the closest emergency room for any life threatening emergencies.

 If you have an urgent non-life-threatening problem, go to the nearest urgent care centers.

Most insurance plans have 24/7 nurse line for any questions or concerns. You may find a nurse line number of your insurance company on the back of your insurance card or on your insurance company’s website.

To ensure a proper care, give us a call during our normal business hours only. For any immediate health related advice which cannot wait until next business day, leave a detailed voicemail with your name, phone number, and date of birth. We strive to return voicemails as per our earliest convenience.

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