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Cancer/ Cancer symptoms

Cancer can affect anyone at any age. Cancer can cause almost any sign or symptom depending on location and organ involved. General symptoms are fever, night sweats, unexplained weight loss, and extreme tiredness (fatigue). Cancer can be cured if detected early. There are screening programs for early detection of cancer such as mammogram and pap smear to detect breast and cervical cancer in women, PSA screening is present to identify prostate cancer in men. Colonoscopy can be done to detect pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions in the intestine. It is important to visit I and My Doctors clinic for an annual health checkup and screening,or visit even if you do not have any health problems for wellness.

Cancer can become incurable in advanced stages. Do not ignore any unusual symptoms. Sometimes symptoms could be of benign condition and your doctor can help figure out if your symptoms are due to benign condition or cancer. It can give you piece of mind to know what is exactly causing your symptoms.

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