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Herpes Simplex infections are commonly known as Cold Sores. It can affect your lips, mucosal surfaces, external genitalia and anal region. Herpes Simplex can be sexually transmitted to your partner if it’s in your genital area. Herpes Simplex can be treated with anti-viral medications.

Herpes Zoster is caused by dormant chicken pox virus in your body which gets activated later in life. It follows dermatomal distribution and always shows up on one side of body. The other name for Herpes Zoster is Shingles. It can be treated with Anti-viral medications. Shingles vaccine is recommended for people aged 60 and above. Herpes Zoster can affect your nerve and cause a painful condition named Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Discuss Shingle vaccine with a doctor of I and My Doctors Clinic to avoid complications of Herpes Zoster.

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