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A rash is redness of the skin. Children are more susceptible to skin rashes than adults. The rash can have localized or generalized manifestations at any part of the body, or the whole body. It can be associated with itching, pain, dry skin, skin lesions like pimples, scales, crusts, pus or liquid-filled sacs, patches, and can occur with or without fever. The rashes can be of a relapsing nature.

Rashes can be caused by heat, the sun’s rays, diapers or pads, warm and humid environment, infections, injury, bacterial infections of the throat, cold weather, frequent hot baths, fragrant products or harsh detergents, drugs, insect bites, fever, foods, diseases like celiac disease, HIV, lymphatic diseases, syphilis, etc.

The treatment is totally based on the history of the rash, which includes duration, location, initial appearance, any treatments used, and cause and symptoms, and is usually by local or oral administration of medicines.

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